By Pratik Kirve July 29, 2019

Facial recognition is an advanced biometric technology that is used for identification and authentication of any individual. This technology compares the facial features captured from an image with the stored facial database. The technology is widely preferred over the rest of the biometric technologies such as voice recognition, iris recognition, skin texture recognition, and fingerprint scanning. The main reason behind this preference of choice is that facial technologies is a non-contact process and can be easily deployed by using the existing monitoring devices and cameras. Moreover, facial recognition technology is best suited for marketing and security purposes.

The basic requirements for perfect facial recognition software are convenient & frictionless, greater accuracy, automation, smarter integration, and better security. Security and surveillance greatly depend on facial recognition technology to combat terrorism and crime. This technology can also be used for issuing identity documents and the data can be integrated with other biometric technologies such as iris recognition and fingerprints. Integrating the drones with aerial cameras greatly helps the authority to monitor the mass events.

Facial technology has also tremendously helped the health sector. This technology is used in tracking the patient’s use of medication more accurately and efficiently. Moreover, it can be used for detecting genetic diseases if the database is filled with adequate information. Sometimes it is used for supporting the pain management procedures too. There are various challenges faced by the healthcare professionals and facial recognition technology can help them out.

The primary duty of the facial recognition technology would be to secure the hospital facilities. By scanning every one entering the hospital, law officials can easily identify an individual and add it to their database. Another valuable application of facial recognition is its real-time emotion detection. This application can be used in order to collect and analyze the data of the emotions a patient exhibit. This analysis can be helpful in determining where more attention is needed in different sections of the hospital.

Healthcare professionals sometimes take a huge chunk out of the patient’s pockets. Hence there are many individuals who pose as patients in order to gain access to free treatments and medications. In order to curb these practices, facial recognition can be very helpful. Furthermore, the technology can be used to analyze the traffic pattern.

A healthcare organization can optimize the overall statistics of the visitors by detecting the pattern based on gender and age. It can be helpful for tracking the patients without the use of any physical tracking devices. It would be a piece of cake to determine whether the patients are inside the nursing home or in outpatient assisted living facilities.

This technology can also be used for marketing and retail purposes. The shop owners and retailers can use this technology in order to analyze the behavioural patterns of the customers and enhance the process of purchasing. These behavioural patterns help in gaining insights on the items that the customers are most interested in. It is now possible to determine the age and gender of the customer by integrating facial recognition with artificial intelligence (AI).

The sales of mobile phones have rocketed post-integration with facial recognition technology. The technology has become the new marketing tool in order to gain more customers. The face ID technology also enables a variety of peripheral functions. This would include detailed animojis, that would offer you emojis with your actual facial expression along with an impressive degree of accuracy.

Social media platforms have adopted this new technology to increase the number of users for their platforms. They would use this technology in order to diversify the user’s functionalities which will attract more user base. The social network has become a lifestyle and it would be very useful if personal identity can be integrated with social networking. Recently, this new idea has been proposed for integrating cloud computing services with mobile devices.

The system can be easily designed and developed in the form of an application on the Android mobile devices platform. It will utilize the Face.com API for rendering image data for cloud computing services. After testing, the system could recognize around 85% of the face sample and took around 7.45 second for computing the data. It would only take as less as 1.03 seconds to get someone’s information through augmented reality translation.

Several enterprises and corporation have invested in facial recognition as its benefits far exceed its drawbacks. After exhaustive research, Allied Market Research has estimated that the global facial recognition market would garner $9.6 billion by 2022, growing exponentially at a CAGR of 21.3% from 2016 to 2022. The market of facial recognition has great potential and will increase at a steady pace as new technologies and innovative products are introduced in this market.

– Irish Tech News

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