BR1M: Business Recovery for 1 Malaysians

This is the first time I applied for BR1M as a single individual. Application was made in December 2014 and the payment was inside my bank account in mid January. The timely process was due to the fact that the Government wanted this money out to alleviate and allay those facing floods in the many states that were affected by the natural disaster. This is laudable as many Malaysians may need that extra amount perhaps just to ease their burden and troubles in a short span of time. Food is very important in times like this. Many people think with BR1M, they can just go out and spend like as if they got their monthly wages or bonuses. But they forget that this amount is insufficient to use for non essential things. They need to think what are the most important basic things that are required in the household and if there are children then of course children essentials are important. Definitely, in times of urgency like disasters, food is important; for children, perhaps books and stationery for the school year; for the sick or infirm, perhaps better medical treatment or medicine; and then perhaps required household items. As for the choice as investment, many poor families do not have that sort of luxury to invest. Investing does not necessarily mean one can profit from the amount, it can also mean a loss as well. No, its just not logical for this small amounts to invest and if this money can be invested, that means that many poor people are not poor because they can save keep this money as they have enough to spend. Definitely BR1M is a positive measure for the poor and those who require funds in an immediate short term. This actually is a form of goodwill shown the Government to assist in whatever way they can. However, the amount is perhaps insufficient. Aid payouts can be graduated to differing amounts for those who are actually suffering like for e.g., unemployed; those who are very ill and/or old; those affected by some mishaps like fire or disaster like floods. Married couples are also entitled for graduated payouts. Graduated payouts are different from BR1M’s payout. A graduated payout is kind of like a welfare scheme where individuals going through a period of income shortages can be alleviated. This not only safeguard their future but also in a way serve to bring the crime rate down as well. The graduated payout scheme has to be thoroughly vetted before the Government can pay that amount to the individual or families on a monthly basis. Lastly, I just want to end this short brief on BR1M on the fact that the Government employees of Lembaga Dalam Negeri/Inland Revenue were very efficient in handling the number of people over the counter, at various branches. Everything was rather efficient and expeditious and the process did not even take more than an hour for people, if one does not have problems or families do not have issues on finances.

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